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MA Communication Design 03 × Jenny Bergström

Thanayoot Suriyakul

«Redesign of the Thai Banknote»

Banknotes: The most typical form of money in every country, separated by colors, size and value. In most countries they are the papers that stand for the value of assured assets in the national bank. They are often illustrated with pictures connected to the country’s profile, image, history etc.

Why redesign it?

Banknotes are one of the most prominent things which can reflect countries’ image, both artistically and contextually. Not only that It shows characteristics, strengths, and trusts of the country, but also it shows the country’s accepted and appreciated design styles. There’re many types of banknote designs in the world, picturing important people, the royal family, the leader of the country, the historical reference and the national key motifs. Although having many of national treasure as architecture and art, Thai banknotes still lacks the vision about how to create a good use of them and decide to depict the only thing that matters in Thailand and Thai people which is the king. So I decided to redesign Thai’s banknote to show the national asset and to draw people’s attention to these treasures.