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MA Communication Design 03 × Jenny Bergström

Sedef Bayram


Norms - to put limitations and set restrictions to oneself or others. Questions about norms of language intrigues me. Language barrier.

Sounds are symbolised by letters, letters has turned into words, words are combined into sentences, sentences into thoughts.

Language shapes thought

Q: Do you feel the language barrier when you express yourself sometimes? If so how would you overcome it?

A: Force, destroy, impossible, utopia, same…

I wondered why. Some researcher claimed that the language we speak affects our world view and cognition. In other words language shapes thought.

‘Barrierre’ Synonyms - ‘Schranke, Hindernis’

hindern: Vb. jmndn. von etw. zurückhalten

Word’s origins went back to Old high german and ‘hindern’ derived from the verb ‘gihintaren’. It means ‘betrügen, herabwürdigen’ (to cheat, to debase/disparage/belittle someone/something).

Grenze, Unangenehm (awkard, painful, uncomfortable), Rezistenz, Widerstand, Frequenz, Immunität, Unbeghablich, (uneasy, discomforting), Sense (Sinn, Gefühl, Richtung, Verstand, Wahrnehmung, Bedeutung).

Thought is relative

The word “Selbstentgrenzung” from the exhibition curated with the works inspired from Fichte caught my attention. There were many meanings to me. I asked native speakers of German language.

Two meanings of language: a system to communicate and a method of communication. When one gets stuck in a system, method can be changed. Where a method fails system can be helpful.


Exceptional state of consciousness, a spiritual experience or trance meaning feeling connected with all surroundings and feeling a deep inner peace. Feeling of timelessness, location-less.

To lose sense of self, to merge with universe. Not knowing where one begin and end.

To know borders of body and mind, how much one could expand the capability of them, experience to see beyond what one’s capabilities are.

Going beyond the borders and limits.

Behave more open and free-minded.

Is that true what I’m hearing? Nearby a lake in the city I was not born and raised in. Wait, wait, I thought I have been here before many times. But it does not feel familiar at all. Am I on earth even? What time is it?