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MA Communication Design 03 × Jenny Bergström

Laura Gallego

«Better late than never»

How many times have you come up with an excuse to being late? Is this a real problem in our society? According to a study carried out at the “University of San Diego State” The fact of being late to a place corresponds to the ability to perceive time. However, there are also other influential factors when we talk about punctuality, for example, while being five minutes late in Spain is not an influential time, being five minutes late in Germany corresponds a considerable delay.

The dictionary defines an excuse as “The creation of a reason to avoid an obligation”. Excuses can be created to avoid the guiltiness of arriving late. According to a study realised in Spain, 87% of Spanish people use this technique in different fields of daily life, whether they are late for work at university or meeting with friends. Based on a survey, listed below you will find the Top 10 excuses more used in the daily life for Spanish people:

This wine label design has been created for all people that always arrive late. A bottle could be given as a gift to a friend who often uses that specific excuse. Or, you can bring the bottle as an excuse when you are late yourself.