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MA Communication Design 03 × Jenny Bergström

Lalida Noijan

«Lucky colors of the day»

Still life photography from Monday to Sunday

Color is all around us. We have thousands of colors at our fingertips with a single click. But there is also the history of colors and the science behind color psychology. Ideas vary in different cultures of the world. According to Goethe, the constant exposure to a specific color would change the viewer’s attitude. Our mood and the way we experience things is also thought to be influenced. Various emotions can be evoked, as well as positive and negative connotations. Colors can remind us of traditions, seasons, experiences or a special place.

Horoscopes and divination have been used in traditional Thai culture to establish the fate and future of individuals. These have been effective ways of helping people cope with life’s complexities and daily challenges. In Thailand, people believe that the meanings of various colors have a direct effect on our lives. For Thai people, following some rules might give you luck. Breaking some, might give you bad luck. In this context, the meaning of colors is taken very seriously.

Colors of the day, is an astrological rule that is influenced by Hindu mythology, following the chart of color each day of the week. According to this belief, colors of clothing might bring power, help, or luck and influence your health, self-esteem, and energy. For example, colors in clothes help by bringing that specific colors energy into our bodies. Some might have a small piece of accessory and clothing, such as a bag or handkerchief, which is the right color to make sure they get their portion of luck on that day.