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MA Communication Design 03 × Jenny Bergström

Xhois Qarri

«Words of love»

Love is the principle of life. The greatest emotion humans will ever feel or have felt, would be love. Unfortunately, society has put the meaning of love in a box and has reduced its signification. Today, people relate this strong emotion only for their family or partners, which is quite shallow. The series of pictures and the text featured in this magazine, discusses and gives shapes to different kinds of love.

In Socrates’ recital of Diotima’s speech, he says “human nature can find no better helper than love”. In other terms, love is the attitude towards an aspect of your life that makes you happy and releases those happiness hormones in your brain which ultimately make you feel warm inside. Plato discussed in “Symposium” about eros and platonic love. Probably one of the earliest mentions of love is from Plato. In old ancient greek, there were different types of love, and have looked at of them, which are; Eros, Agape, Storge and Philautia. Eros is simply erotic and sexual love. Emotions or more intense feelings are not necessarily involved in this kind of relationship and a deeper meaning is not often associated with this one. Agape means ‘love for the soul’. You can think it’s the opposite of Eros. Storge is about family love, maybe the only one that is the closest to unconditional love. Philautia, self-love. Now, Aristotle mentioned that there is a healthy way to love yourself and an unhealthy one, which is narcissistic.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau has divided self love in that that one needs validation from another and that that is pure and comes from within. Both can be extended and leave room for interpretation. The series of images have been created with these systems and categories as a starting point. A diverse approach to love.