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Bachelorarbeiten / BA Theses

Daniel Schreck

«Stadt + Wappen – Tradition & Moderne»

× Prof. Rasmus Giesel

× Jenny Bergström

Cities compete with each other and therefore need a strong brand to differentiate themselves from one another to remain attractive to residents, tourists and the economy. In order to differentiate these brands visually the cities are searching for unique selling points which can be found among other things in a city coat of arms. Based on this statement student Daniel Schreck wrote and designed this book for his theoretical part of his bachelor thesis. The goal was to research the redesign process of city brands with the focus on city coat of arms, their historical development and current potential in the implementation.

Following the theoretical part of his bachelor thesis “Cities + Coat of Arms / Tradition & Modernism” Daniel Schreck transferred his gained knowledge into a redesign concept for the city of Leipzig, Germany. The aim was to demonstrate how a coat of arms could be successfully integrated in a corporate design.