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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 2
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Thanayoot Suriyakul

«Threats in the air - 500x Air Magnifying Book»

An AR children book aiming to educate both children and adult about the properties of the invisible threats in the air with a playful gimmick of transparent effect, turning the book into the magnifying glass to see what really is in the air.

What is the design problem?

As the time passed, the situation seems to be relieved. But Covid-19 is still there and it is not the only thing in the air that we should be aware of. Also there’s no playful information source for kids to learn about the PM10, PM2.5 and Coronavirus properties.

What is my solution?

I have designed the children book with a playful AR trick to inform the young about the properties of each invisible harms in the air.

In which way is this user-centered?

From research, children tend to learn better when they engaged with the interactive way of learning. So I create the transparent book that can make it look like you using magnifying glass point in the air and see the dangerous particles, one by one. Also it can be combine to see the real air we breathe in everyday.