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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 2
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Parima Rangsipol

«Don’t come closer!»

What is the design problem? As the COVID-19 situation is getting better, people already know what they should exactly behave but they tend to ignore the notice at the wall or on the floor inside the elevator and become careless so we need to evoke people to not lower their guard.

What is my solution? The idea is to remind people before getting inside the elevator or even when passing by to keep the distance between each other both inside and outside a closed space. The main concept is using the trick about the door movement to depict the idea that we should stay away from each other.

In which way of this user centered? According to the research, people regularly ignore the announcement in the elevator So I choose to solve this problem by putting graphic on the elevator door to increase the chance for people to see the reminder while waiting for it.