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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 2
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Cansu Sarikaya

«Game of lengths»

From the beginning of the pandemic, all we heard was keeping the distance of 1.5m among with masks. However, 1.5m is not graspable by most of us. The design problem was to find an easier way to show people the 1.5 meters. The solution had to be memorizable also to be sustainable by the user. I realized that distances can be told by comparison of objects. This can help people to grasp the social distance.So I started with basic things, such as steps or a sofa. These were the everyday objects that people knew. Then the design evolved to ‘cute’ and ‘scary’ things together, and comparing their length to 1.5 of distance. The idea was that having an unpleasant image in the comparison would lead to remembering the distance. The final draft was shaped by adding the factor of gamification, involving the user to think actively. With this step the objects also were compared within each other, and it evolved to a game leading to 1.5m of distance.