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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 2
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Adnan Inayat Ali Machiwala

«A Message from Unknown 😶»

The problem with the current campaign is that we’re getting immune to seeing the same design everywhere. We have bombarded people with the same information so many times that it’s almost invisible now.

I realized that we need a approach which is subtle enough to blend in but unique enough to stand out and deliver the message. I then created these speech bubbles so that people could recognize it as a personal message.

Furthermore, I tested this idea in multiple countries around the world including Germany, Dubai, Thailand and Pakistan. It was interesting to see that users could actually benefit from these types of subtle reminders.

Made in Collaboration with: Parima Rangsipol 🇹🇭, Thanayoot Suriyakul na Ayutthaya 🇹🇭, Ayenan Enver 🇦🇪 & Danial Bidiwala 🇵🇰