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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 1
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Adnan Inayat Ali Machiwala

«Vivid Dangers of Corona 🚫»

I wanted to come up with a solution which can add value to the experience of distance. The problem is that we are said to distance but we are not supported by an efficient user centered design,

Major problem I faced in Pakistan was that people believed that Corona is a hoax. I wanted to illustrate the extreme side of what could happen if the distance is not maintained. I used a picture of grave so that people could avoid standing on the design and as a result maintain distance.

I did this experiment in the electronics market which is also a potential hotspot. I later learned by surveying experts who are the users of my design. By keeping myself anonymous I later learned that some people didn’t understand the message clearly. People who spent more time outside the elevator maintained distance or stood next to the poster while waiting. Some people were not really surprised with the efforts or were expecting a more direct message.