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User Centered Corona Communication – phase 1
MA Communication Design 04 & 05 × Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Isabell Drauz

«How to get infected - Guide»

In our everyday life, when we shop at Rewe or pick up our order at our favourite restaurant, we are confronted with infographics that explain how we should behave best and keep the risk of infection low. But we do not look at them properly anymore. Our eyes are bored by the mass of these stereotypical infographics, dismissing the reprimanding information as irrelevant. This is a design problem that occurred during the fight against corona.

For this reason my design suggests a different approach. The “How to get infected - GUIDE” explains in simple steps how to get infected with the virus very easily. This humorous and provocative way is meant to illustrate exactly the wrong approach of people, who do not follow the measures to contain the virus. The ignorance of society, the belief “I won’t get infected with the virus, and if I do, I won’t die from it” is revealed by my design. In the first step of the design development my approach was an infographic. This is supposed to act as a humorous reminder in public places. After the design discourse we came to the conclusion that because of the information on the poster, people will not take the time to read the poster. For this reason the poster was transformed into an Instagram post, which is aimed at young people who have acted recklessly towards others during the pandemic. After uploading the post, the design was tested for its comprehensibility. Does the humorous communication provide a clear message? Based on numerous comments the provocative nature of the design received positive feedback. Unfortunately, however, it must be said that only people who have adhered to the measures have interacted with the Instagram post. So in the end the question remains, how do people, who did not follow the counter measures react to the design approach?